Food Plot Location for Keeping Deer on Your Land

It’s almost mid-February, still quite a ways from green-up, but I’m already thinking about the location of my new spring food plot. The lengthening days get two thumbs up, but the warmer ones still seem out of reach. But don’t be fooled! It’s never too early to start thinking about planting your warm season plots for deer and other wildlife on your property. After this winter, they will need them more than ever.

There is one element that most hunters and landowners do not put much thought into, or maybe even dismiss altogether, especially when it comes to food plots for white-tailed deer, and that is the idea of location. It’s a relatively simple idea to think that if you plant it they will come, but what if it’s not that simple? I know that location is paramount when it comes to real estate, but where your plantings are situated may be more important that why.

Source: “That said, today I wanted to share a few thoughts on the FIRST thing you should think about when considering the project of food plots. That first thing to consider is location.

Food plots are terrific, and the benefits of having them on your property for deer are obvious. But rarely do we consider the risks.

Mainly the risks of food plots come into play when they are located incorrectly. Simply put, if a food plot is placed in such an area that you end up spooking deer consistently when accessing, leaving, or hunting your property – it’s doing you more harm than good.”

Food Plots and Whitetail Deer Management

This is a point that many hunters completely ignore, especially since food plots used for hunting are often frequented often by both deer and hunters. Plots planted in the Spring may be off the hook to some extent since a lot of hunters will not visit them regularly. But some do. If you’re like me, you enjoy using game cameras to survey the wildlife on your property. I will usually only let cameras go about two weeks between setting them out and picking them up. Could this be enough activity to disturb the deer on a property? Probably depends on the food plots location. Something to think about.

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