Food Plots for Whitetail Deer in Texas

Question: “I’m getting ready to go out and put a small whitetail deer food plot in for my father. His property is 270 acres in size and is located Northeast of Richland Springs in San Saba County. We have a small tractor with a tiller. Soil is somewhat sandy but has seemingly adequate water retention. Food plot size is going to be about one to one and a half acres in size.

Last spring I did three test areas to what might work. I seeded iron and clay cow peas in one area and they took off like crazy. I am talking up to my waist in height. They grew well, but it did not seem that the deer really took to it all that well. I understand it may take a year or two to get them accustomed to new food sources, so I guess we will see what happens this year.

Food Plots in Texas for Whitetail Deer

Two other food plot spots were done in basic pre-mix, branded varieties. They did somewhat well, but not as good as the iron and clay peas. I think will plant the cow peas again since they seemed to work really well. Maybe a second year being there the deer will take to them a start munching on them. Now, for the other areas, should I go with an individual seed, maybe two, and see what comes up? Or just go back to Turner and try my luck again with a food plot seed mix? Any advice is greatly appreciated.” Continue reading Food Plots for Whitetail Deer in Texas

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